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The name of the game is No Limit Texas Hold'em, the game is deceptively simple and only takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.
Many people have watched Texas Hold'em tournaments on television and it looks easy to play. However before you race down to the casino and sign up for a high stakes tournament you need to learn the basics of the game.

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No River Hold'em is played with a traditional 52-card deck and follows the basic rules of Texas Hold'em. The difference with No River is that each player is dealt three "hole" cards (rather than two) and there is no community "river" card dealt. Players are able to use 1, 2, or all 3 cards originally dealt toward their final hand. By dealing three cards to each player, the number of potential starting hands increases-as does the pre-flop action at the table!

An Adrenaline Rush - High Speed Action

and Increased Risk/Rewards!


Royal Hold'em is a fast-paced version of Texas Hold'em. This game uses only a 20-card deck containing the decks' 10's through Aces only, and is played by up to 6 players with the same rules and betting rounds as in Texas Hold'em. More betting, less folding, bigger winning hands….all add to the excitement.

Are you tired of "traditional" poker because of the heavy time commitment and slower pace? – then this is the game for you!



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