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VIP Only Tournament Details

As a member of KNOCKOUT’S VIP Club, you'll have the opportunity to play in unlimited U.S. legal online poker tournaments 24-7 for the opportunity to win over $50,000 in cash and prizes every month.


Poker Points are needed to enter and play in most tournaments. All Knockout’s players can win more Poker Points by playing in tournaments and by participating in our daily Bonus Point activities located under the Get More Points tab in the Knockout Client. Knockout's VIP Tournaments offer a bigger cash or prize payout for less buy-in points than the basic tournaments open to all players. So VIP members can play in more tournaments to win more every day!

Multi-Table VIP ONLY Tournaments
Wager your points to win more points, more cash and bigger prizes daily. VIP Tournaments can be located under all the tabs in the Poker Lobby (depending on tournament type) and are for VIP Members only Click here to see Knockout’s VIP Tournament Schedule. Tournaments for VIP Members only are labeled as VIP Tournaments in the Tournament Name, Hoover Message and Tournament Details. Click here to learn more about VIP Member Privileges and becoming an Knockout VIP


Watch Tournaments on Poker TV
Only VIPs can watch live featured tournaments and Knockout's Celebrities play with their cards face up so you can learn from their skills and strategies. Ever wonder how the game played out after you lost all your chips? As a Knockout VIP, you can find out as you are given access to observe your online tournament down to the last hand! Primetime is the right time to watch Knockout's Nightly Cash Tournaments and Championships on Poker TV


Knockout's Weekly Championships
Each Week, Knockout Members can compete amongst each other to win cash, prizes and poker points. At the end of each week, the top 1,000 leading scorers on the Leader Board qualify to play in that Sunday's Weekly Championship to win $1,000 in Cash & Prizes every Sunday night at 7:30pm on Knockout.


In addition to the Top 1,000 who qualify from the Weekly Leader Board, Knockout’s VIP Members will have the opportunity to advance directly into the Weekly Championship by competing in our daily VIP WILD CARD QUALIFIERS 4 WEEKLY CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENTS where the Top 5 automatically advance to that Sunday's Weekly Championship.


$500 BIG Monday Tournaments
Every Monday @ 9:00pm we hold our $500 Big Monday Championship where those who qualified throughout the week battle it out to win a total of $500 in Cash. 22 chances to qualify for the Big Monday Championship every day on Knockout. VIP's Can play in both Basic & VIP Qualifiers… The Top 5 in the VIP ONLY Big Monday Qualifiers earn invites to the Championship, where as the Basic Qualifiers only send the Top 2 to the Champ.

Even if you didn't qualify, as a VIP Member, you can still watch the Big Monday Championships on Poker TV.

VIP Daily Cash Tournaments
Knockout VIP Members can win over $700 in our Daily Cash Tournaments. While some of the smaller cash tournaments are open to all players ($10 Cash Tournaments), we saved the BIG money for the VIP ONLY Cash Tournaments! Click here to see Knockout’s VIP Tournament Schedule

$200 VIP Cash Tournaments

Nightly Tournaments at 9:30pm and 11:30pm where 1st wins $100, 2nd wins $50, 3rd wins $25, 4th wins $15 & 5th wins $10 cash + Points are

awarded based on the Prize Matrix.

$100 VIP Cash Tournament

Daily Tournaments at 7:30pm and 8:30pm where 1st wins $50, 2nd wins $25, 3rd wins $15 & 4th wins $10 Cash + Points are awarded based on the Prize Matrix.

$50 VIP Cash Tournaments

Daily Tournaments at 3:30pm and 1:30am where 1st wins $25, 2nd wins $15, 3rd wins $10 Cash + Points are awarded based on the Prize Matrix.

$25 VIP Cash Tournaments

Nightly Tournaments at 12:30am where 1st place wins $25 Cash+ Points are awarded based on the Prize Matrix.


Click here to see Knockout’s Complete Daily Cash Tournament Schedule


KNOCKOUT Poker Tour Tournaments
Win your Seat to the Knockout Poker Tour Tournament in Las Vegas where you'll get to compete in a live tournament with Celebrities, Models and other Knockout VIP's we're awarding a 6 digit Grand Prize money! Checkout at


VIP Multi Table Point Tournaments
Play in out Point tournaments to earn more points that can be used to enter more tournaments and climb the weekly Leader Board. Special VIP ONLY Point Tournaments award additional Bonus Points in our daily



Multi table Tournaments at 1am, 8:30am and 2:30pm where the Top 10 win 10,000 Bonus Points + Points awarded based on Prize Matrix.

Click here to see Knockout's Complete Point Tournament Schedule

Knockout VIP Members can compete in any community tournaments (that they meet the criteria for), but only VIP Members can watch all of the Community Championship Tournaments on Poker TV!


* Free Entry - No Credit Cards or Deposits
* 100% US Legal





NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 18 or older to join the club and / or play Online Games.
All prize claims are subject to verification. Rules and Restrictions apply.
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